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The Misconception of a “Strong/Straight Block Leg

One of the biggest cues in javelin throwing goes something like this, "your block leg was bent, you need to straighten it!!!!" Well no kidding, thanks for stating the obvious coach, but how!!!?

In a fast paced event like the javelin throw it makes virtually no sense to tell an athlete to just straighten their block leg. This sport is so incredibly dynamic.

Which leads to my next point. What creates or enables a strong block leg?

There are many factors that contribute to this but the most important is timing of the kinetic chain. What I mean by that is internally rotating the back hip INTO the block. Not around it, not after it, but perfectly timing that rotation into the block foot.

THAT is what creates a strong and straight block leg, not continuous cues of "straightening your leg".

I hope this makes sense for all you young throwers but my email and DMs are always open.

Coach Greg McManus

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